Federal Communication Commision (FCC)
WHAT IS MEASURED OR PERTAINED TO EMI (Electro magnetic Interference)
MARKING FCC DoC (Delcaration of Conformity)
Class B, Self, Declaration

FCC is the Federal Government; they put the limits on the radiation emission and line conductance on all the ITE equipment. all our equipments fall under part 15 of FCC rules 47 CFR.

On august 1, 1996, FCC has accepted the new changes on all ITE equipments. In the old rule manufacturers/asemblers/importers applied to FCC to get the FCC Grant or FCC Certification and they have to put the FCC ID. number on the back of the unit. according to new rule manufacturers/asemblers/importers will be permitted to issue a "European-Style" Declaration of Conformity (DoC) in place of FCC Certification. The old rule that is the FCC certification will still be an option for indefinite time.

DoC should be issued only by the FCC accredited Lab. Product labeling under DoC will require a FCC style Logo along with the model and trade name information. Please see the attachment for FCC Logo. With the DoC, a specific representation as to a product’s EMC compliance is required in writing by so called responsible party who must be located in US.

DoC compliance statement must be included in each product sold. DoC must include the name address and the telephone number of the responsible party located in US who can ensure the product’s EMC compliance. Please see below the FCC DoC Logo, the compliance statement and the Declaration of Conformity.