Pre-press and Press

Anyone involved in creating printed materials must rely on having experienced color variations depending on the display used for the check, or a difference in color tones between the computer output and the printed matter.

  • Publishing houses
  • Print houses
  • Soft-proofing

Professional Photography

A professional photographer relies on the most advanced and precise camera, lenses and accessories to do the best job. A significant amount of research, testing and evaluation will take place before a photographer takes the plunge and invests in the best quality photographic equipment. There is no room for compromise when capturing the perfect image or moment in time. A SpectraView® monitor is the perfect partner for professional photographic equipment as well as the core element of any professional color flow

  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Retouching
  • Digital Animations

Video and Film Post-Production

Video post-production is the process of changing the perceived quality of a video. Image scaling routines such as linear interpolation, bilinear interpolation, or cubic interpolation can for example be performed when increasing the size of images, this involves either subsampling (reducing or shrinking an image) or zooming (enlarging an image). This helps reduce or hide image artifacts and flaws in the original film material.

Media and Advertising Agencies

Creative workers need to check their work in real time and must be able to rely on absolute color fidelity during image processing. The most critical device in the handling process of colors within the color flow is the monitor.

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphic Design and Art

Mail Order Houses

Buying of goods or services by mail delivery via catalog or online.

  • Print and Online


  • Textile
  • Cosmetics
  • Product Configurators