12:30 PM – 2:30 PM CDT(1:30-3:30 EDT)

Sharp 2022 2H Virtual Kick Off

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or watch the broadcast live in the Downers Grove Briefing Center

Let’s Review Performance!

Let’s kick off the 2nd half with a review of 1st half performance and our key accomplishments.

Let's Talk Opportunity!

After we have reviewed 1H22, let’s begin to focus on the opportunities available for SNDSA in 2H22 and discuss the strategies that will enable us to win in the market.


Keynote Speakers:

Todd Bouman
President & CEO, SNDSA
Sean Dolan
SVP of Finance & Operations, SNDSA
Jennifer Cheh
SVP of Marketing, SNDSA
Betsy Larson
SVP of Sales, SNDSA
John Sheehan
SVP of Channel Sales, SIICA
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