ProAssist is software for controlling the projector and adjusting the projection screen from a computer via a network. It allows necessary adjustments to be carried out smoothly when combining several projectors together to project a large screen in a classroom, meeting room, hall etc.

Operating Environment

OS Windows 10 (32-bit version/64-bit version) Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education
Minimum resolution of screen 1280x800

Main Features

Projector Control
Complete control of the projector(s) can be accomplished using ProAssist. Whether you are switching inputs or adjusting nuances in the picture quality it can all be performed over the network.

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Edge Blending
Edge Blending requires multiple adjustments to the projected images in order to make sure that the overall image is smooth and balanced. Adjusting the boundaries of each projector is critical in making sure that the overlap area is not distinguishable. It makes the blended area(s) less distinct with adjustments for brightness, color density etc. of the area where the screens overlap.

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Lens Control
Pristine images without undo scaling artifacts can be accomplished with the lens controls. Keeping the image in focus, moving the image to properly fit the screen with lens shift or adjusting the image size can all take place behind the scenes.

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White Balance
When color shifts between the white part of the image to darker objects, adjustments in the Gamma Tone tab create a more uniform gray scale.

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In the unlikely event that your image changes color from one side of the screen to the other there are adjustments under the Uniformity tab to correct it. The color non-uniformity is reduced by gradually changing the colors in the selected highlighted section.

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Geometric Correction
All installations are not equal and there are times where geometric correction is required to square the image to the screen. Geometric Correction provides the adjustments to not only square the image to the screen but also make sure the image perfectly fits any object or surface you may be projecting onto.

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Supported Models

Supported Projector (MODEL NO.)
NP-PA803UL / NP-PA703UL (Firmware version 1.12 or later) / NP-PA733UL+
NP-PA804UL / NP-PA1004UL
NP-PX803UL (Firmware version 1.11 or later) (This model does not support function *5:AutoAdjust)
NP-PX1004UL (Firmware version 1.07 or later) (This model does not support function *5:AutoAdjust)
NP-PX1005QL / NP-PH2601QL / NP-PH3501QL
(These models do not support functions *2:Uniformity, *3:Edge Blending, *4:Gamma Tone and *5:AutoAdust)(Set IP Address using Manual if add these models)

Supported Web camera

logitech C922N PRO STREAM WEBCAM (Only this model is supported. Verify that it is operational before setting it up to use with ProAssist.)



ProAssist Downloads

Starting ProAssist

  1. Download the ProAssist***.zip to your computer.
  2. Extract the ProAssist***.zip and Open this folder.
  3. Doubleclick ProAssist***.exe.

Proceed to the next step according to the message on the screen.

New Release
Version 1.2.2
  • Supported Grid on Uniformity.
Version 1.2.1
  • Supported PA733UL+
Version 1.2.0
  • Supported Auto Adjust
  • Supported newer models.
Version 1.1.0
  • Supported Geometric Correction
  • Supported newer models


Version 1.2.2

File Name File Size
ProAssist Installer
22.2 MB


File Name File Size
  ProAssist Brochure 380 KB
  ProAssist User Manual 3.10 MB



Start Here
Fine-tune Color Adjustments
How to Merge Multiple Pictures
Picture Adjustments
Geometric Correction

Have a problem with your Product? Here you'll find common questions. If you don't find what you need, please contact our support team.

  • Is the projector that you are using compatible with Proassist?
  • Are the computer and projector connected correctly to the network?
  • Have you turned on the projector?
  • Are the projectors installed correctly?
  • To correct a distorted image, perform Geometric Correction.
  • Adjust the brightness with the Light Mode and Light adjust.
  • Adjust Ref. White Balance.
Adjust Gamma Tone.
  • Adjust Uniformity.
  • If the projector is a LCD-type projector, the non-uniformity of the brightness of the LCD panel may appear as a non-uniform color on the projection screen. This is a characteristic of the LCD panel and is not a malfunction. The non-uniformity in color can be reduced by adjusting the Uniformity.
You can export the registration details of the Projector List to the LIST file or import them into another computer.
Much communications at a time may result in your waiting for a response from the projector. If this happens, wait until the process is finished.
  • Use the projector that has Proassist installed to check for the network connected to the projector.
  • Refer to the projector’s user’s manual to check if your projector supports the function causing a communication error.
  • Cannot correctly adjust the projector color in the installation environment or projector status. Can click Undo function if you do not like the adjustment.
  • Confirm that ambient light does not enter the projector screen. Recommend creating dark room surrounding environment before operating Auto adjust.
  • Confirm that the web camera image does not tilt. Cannot adjust correctly even if the entire projector screen is within the web camera image area. Please put web camera level to the projector screen.
  • Confirm that two projectors project the image before operating Auto Adjust. Cannot automatically reflect the settings if the projector has no signal.
  • Please adjust manually if two projectors do not match the color after operating the above.

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